A new series of profiles will help you get to know your NMPRSA 2020 Board of Directors. In this edition of “Meet the Board” we bring you incoming board president ꟷ she takes over in 2021 ꟷ Hilma Chynoweth.

Give us a P-R-S-A!

P = Person

Hola, Hilma Chynoweth here. I’m Director of Business Development for the Garcia Automotive Group, the state’s largest New Mexico family-owned automotive dealership group. In that capacity, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a family that epitomizes entrepreneurship and extraordinary client relationships. I serve as a community liaison for the family’s diverse business interests and generous philanthropic activities. On any given day I may be called to facilitate producing a TV spot, engage with non-profit community organizations, create messaging for internal/external communications, participate in economic development project meetings, etc. I’m at my best when providing solutions and creating connections between people and resources. I’m at my second best when I’m enjoying cocktails and finger food! Apart from NMPRSA, I serve as Vice-President of the Explora Board and as NM State Transportation Commissioner for District 3.

R = Reason

I serve NMPRSA because Past-President Nancy Salem asked me to consider joining the board. At the time I’d been regularly attending monthly luncheons and could unequivocally say those programs were some of the most informative and enjoyable of the various business luncheons I’d attend. I believe communication is at the core of any relationship; there is no relationship without communication. Everyone can benefit from understanding communication strategies and tactics. To the extent we seek to foster constructive relationships within our spheres of influence, be it business or otherwise, creating effective communications is critical. NMPRSA provides an excellent vehicle to achieve that.

S = Specialties

If I were being glib, I’d say my specialties are carefully crafted messages and carefully crafted cocktails. Ask me about my blood-orange and St. Germaine specialty (also, I can play around with words ad nauseam; often, my puns induce that nauseam).

If I were being serious, I’d still say my specialty is carefully crafted messages. In my diverse career, the one commonality is being asked to construct tactful messaging in situations where others care not tread. At home, I’m a lot less tactful (ask my kids) but otherwise I’m super respectful of the power words have when placed in the correct order and context.

A = Advice

Cultivate curiosity and keep learning. The more you know the more meaningfully you can engage with your audience.