This series of profiles will help you get to know your NMPRSA 2020 Board of Directors.
In this edition of “Meet the Board” we bring you Kim Baca, a powerful voice for Native
communities, small businesses and nonprofits.

Give us a P-R-S-A!

P = Person

Greetings. I’m Kim Baca. I’m a solopreneur, creator of KBConsulting, a content marketing and communications firm founded more than 10 years ago to help tribes, tribal organizations, small business and small nonprofits. Although I’ve worked out of state for nonprofits, The Associated Press and a regional newspaper, New Mexico is home and where I want to be with friends and family.

I love hanging out with my 7-year-old son and my family – we are so lucky to be in a state with such diverse terrain. We love to fish, camp and hike. We’ve visited at least one or two new lakes, a national forest or state park each summer.

R = Reason

I’ve been a member of PRSA the past few years because of the plethora of resources that the organization has to offer. Plus, you can’t beat the knowledge and camaraderie that local professionals have to offer.

S = Specialties

A majority of my work in recent years has been with tribes and tribal organizations. About 11 percent of New Mexico’s population is Native American, yet Native voices are rarely heard in the public domain unless the issue is about gaming or the arts in New Mexico. Indigenous people are organizing more than ever to turn out the Native vote, run for a political office, diversify the economy and research ways to become more self-sustaining with their food systems. It’s
these stories and the passion behind these movements that many New Mexicans often don’t hear about.

I also love working with start-up businesses and small nonprofits. There are so many free and low-cost tools out there to help leverage sales, brand recognition or donations when folks get the proper training or help in strategic direction.

A = Advice

Don’t be afraid to ask for help or seek advice – and have some fun!

As a solopreneur, I’ve sought help for ethical questions and dilemmas with clients from members of the national organization who gladly took a cold call from a fellow PRSA member in a neighboring state. I’ve been so grateful to my busy colleagues who offered a fresh perspective and even pointed me to resources to help me with my dilemma.
And like everything else – we should not do this work if we are not having fun! We are so blessed to live in a time when new digital tools are being developed or refined daily.