A new series of profiles will help you get to know your NMPRSA 2020 Board of Directors. In this edition of “Meet the Board” we bring you longtime Santa Fe PR pro Lynn Pitcher Komer.


Give us a P-R-S-A!

P = Person

Hola. I am Lynn Pitcher Komer. I am the owner and founder of PK Public Relations, a collaborative consulting firm with the mission to create behavior change and connectivity for community causes we believe in.

Prior to my 22 years as a Santa Fe, women-owned business, I was a constituent liaison for a U.S. Senator, a state legislative analyst, and the director of government, media and community relations for Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans of New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada.

Lynn Komer

My most favorite job is being the mother of two spunky daughters and the wife of a true renaissance man. I was also a lifeguard, and I liked my whistle.

R = Recommend

I initially joined NMPRSA in my early public relations career to network with experts and learn practical skills. Later, I re-joined to lend a voice to the many PR practitioners who live outside of Albuquerque.

The public relations industry is often mistaken for media relations. In reality, the skill sets we must possess need to be integrated along all communication services to drive results worthy of our profession. NMPRSA has a deep pool of expertise along the communication continuum to help each of us manage up.

S = Specialties

Creativity, strategy and transcending the business-based relationship are my specialties. Strong ideas and creative thinking are the backbone to what I do each day for my diverse clientele. Tailoring a communication approach that is balanced and holistic starts from scratch. It must take into account the nature of the business, social and behavioral science and in-depth community demographics of the intended audiences, as well as the selective and ever-changing means to reach measurable goals.

I primarily deal in complex issues surrounding health intervention, water sustainability, environmental justice and democratic voting. My inner nerd thrives on the ability to research, interpret and correctly explain data.

I also like people — a lot. I’m lucky to work with a great many of them.

A = Advice

Allow yourself to experience the curiosity of not knowing. Accept that you don’t know what you don’t know. It is a potent truth. It gets to the heart of knowledge and why it is important to seek out opportunities and circumstances that will guide us to new visions, perceptions and realities.

Set aside time each day to look at new industry trends, different points of view, cultural sensitivities, changes in social norms and then sit with it for a moment. Personally, this has guided my career to better focus on community issues that passionately resonate with me. It allows me to pass on contracts to concentrate on fresh ideas and perspectives where creativity comes more easily and with more personal meaning.

To move beyond what you’ve always done, dive into those unchartered waters. And get a whistle.